antivirus killer for xp

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  • AD Killer 1.18

    AD Killer is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-ad software product that can remove annoying ads without human intervention by using artificial
  • Spy Killer 4.0

    Spy Killer is a revolutionary new spyware detection and removal application that offers around the clock protection to home and corporate users. Spy
  • UFO Killer 3.0

    The aliens from far away galaxies attacked a peaceful town of MyPlayCity. They searched for new sources of energy and labor. The aliens were attracted
  • Killer 1.0

    This widget is able to display your top process with a MAGic X button that kills it. Warning: Only kill the process if you know what it is. Part
  • Tab Killer 1.1.2007042501

    This disables tabbed browsing features of Mozilla completely. I was inspired from the the anti-tabbed browsing project. So, this is for users which
  • Pro Killer Man 1.0

    The game where you kill the target, avoid the cops, and run for the exit. Features: - 10 levels - Semi 3d graphics - A stunning story - A
  • Popup Killer 4.0

    PopUp Killer is a small program that is used for automatically closing previously selected Window. If you are tired from annoying sponsors Popup then
  • Trash Killer 2 2.1.1

    In this free space arcade you will need to clear thr galaxies from the trash, by blowing up asteroids in every sector by the guns of your spacecraft.
  • Task Killer 2.30

    This program enables you to terminate applications quickly, ie. you may "kill" a frozen application by clicking on the taskbar's Task
  • The Bouncy Killer 1.20

    A fast and funny arcade remake of an old VIC20 game. Try to hit each smile one time only. Try the funny Multiplayer mode. By Bottomap Software. Made
  • Spyware Killer 3.12

    For the best security for your computer, turn to Spyware Killer. Just like the name suggests, this software has been designed to detect spying on your
  • iSpy Killer 2.1

    If you lie awake at night fretting about personal privacy and your computer, consider this: The biggest threat may not be the government or the
  • Killer Crocodiles 1.5

    "Some years ago crocodiles were almost extinct so a law came out to protect them and because of this they grew in number. With the increasing
  • History Killer 2.3

    You should take your security very seriously when you use a computer. You should therefore have a very good way of deleting all traces of your
  • Error Killer 2006

    ErrorKiller is a Windows Registry Cleaner, Kernel32 DLL Error Message Fix and Access Violation Repair Software. Error Killer will save you from
  • Another IE Popup Killer 2.00

    Another IE Popup Killer is the world's smallest popup remover, it blocks IE windows that do not have a menu bar, it does not work in "hook" or
  • Super Pop Up Ad Killer 1.0

    Super Pop Up Ad Killer(SPK) is the first and unique anti-popup product that can block 100% annoying popup ads absolutely automatically while never
  • Zero PopUp Killer XP 4.6

    Zero Popup Killer XP is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-pop-up software product that can kill annoying pop-up windows without human
  • Trash Killer 1.0

    Funny freeware space-shooting arcade in which you have to clean up the galaxy from the asteroids using the laser cannon mounted on your spaceship.
  • Message Killer 1.0

    Have you ever had an advertisement pop-up out of nowhere on your desktop? This message was sent to your computer through a built in feature that
  • Privacy Killer 1.1

    Privacy Killer cleans and protects your privacy by removing unused files from your computer and freeing up valuable hard disk space, allowing
  • History Killer Pro 7.0.1

    History Killer Pro is a complete professional solution for all sorts of privacy issues and related concerns. This software secures both your online
  • Paper Killer 2014.27.2

    PaperKiller is the most productive professional software for creating a manual, hypertext, a guide, create and manage documentation, reference
  • Yam - The Killer Potato 6.2

    In Yam - The Killer Potato you take on the role of the fearless agent, Yam. Yam's mission is to infiltrate the various enemy bases around his
  • Bad Shortcut Killer 2.0

    Clean your start menu and desktop the quick and easy way with Bad Shortcut Killer from WareSoft Software. Just simply click on the Find Bad ShortCuts
  • El. Toolbar Killer 1.02

    We proudly presents a software especially designed to remove the very maddening spyware "Elite Toolbar". As there was no software available in the
  • M Autorun Killer 1.0

    M Autorun Killer Can Kill Autorun Virus And Same Viruses .This version can kill more than 10 virus + autorun . Enable Cmd And Run , Enable Registry
  • Prozess Killer 1.2

    This program terminate any processes and applications. Complete instructions, see my homepage at
  • Tab Killer for TrackPad 1.1

    The most convenient, easy to close Tab in the multi-window applications, especially for the installation of windows in the Macbook, greatly expanded
  • Start Killer 3.0

    Start Killer 3.0 makes it easy to remove the Start button from your taskbar. When you run Start Killer it remove the Start button from taskbar and
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  • Blue Atom Antivirus 2010 3.1.05

    Blue Atom antivirus is a small antivirus but this is very strong. Blue Atom antivirus created by Alvin Leonardo. Blue Atom antivirus is lighter than another antivirus and this antivirus is strong because it has 3 engines
  • Furko Antivirus 1.0

    The Furko antivirus is a virus cleaner software.It has very effective and fast search engine. It can found the known and the lastest developed virus codes (worms, trojans, SpyWare, AdWare, BIOS killer, etc. ) in the
  • Remove Fake Antivirus 1.93

    Remove Fake antivirus is an esay to use software that has a lot of useful features. You can use it to remove Wolfram antivirus as well as Security Protection, Windows antivirus 2011, ThinkPoint, PC Security 2011,
  • Antivirus Removal Tool 1.0

    Get rid of antivirus 8 and clean your PC now! Get rid of antivirus 8 and clean your PC now! antivirus Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all antivirus 8 entries running on a scanned system. It will also make
  • XJR Antivirus Removal Tool 1.0

    XJR antivirus Removal Tool can help you remove fake XJR antivirus. XJR antivirus can infect your computer through a malicious website or Trojan.It will scan the whole infected computer without any notice. After finish
  • USB Drive AntiVirus 3.02

    USB Drive antivirus provides 100% antivirus protection against any viruses trying to attack via removable media.When an USB device is inserted into your computer, it will automatically scan it, block and delete usb virus
  • LinesKiller 4.1

    Only You and Lines killer can rescue the world. The gangsters filling a field, are going in gangs in the beginning till five, and then till six. As soon as it occurs Lines killer kills them. The gangsters resist and
  • LinesKiller5 4.1

    Only You and Lines killer can rescue the world. The gangsters filling a field, are going in gangs in the beginning till five, and then till six. As soon as it occurs Lines killer kills them. The gangsters resist and
  • Natesu Antivirus 4.4.4

    A simple and easy to use antivirus. A simple and easy to use antivirus. Natesu antivirus is a small yet effective antivirus solution that will scan your root drive for common threats. Basically, it only scans a or
  • AntiVirus360Remover 1.9.3321

    antivirus 360 Remover is a rogue anti-spyware application. This time cyber-thieves use a slightly different approach. They claim that antivirus360Remover is the best choice when user's PC is infected with notorious rogue
  • XP Antivirus Remover 1.1

    XP antivirus Remover is used for removing the disreputable "XP antivirus" program. It doesnot have ability to remove all damages of XP antivirus, but it provides you with some tools or information that may be of use.
  • VirSpector Antivirus 1.1

    VirSpector antivirus 1.1 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool to remove worms and viruses from your system. VirSpector antivirus is a great antivirus for your second security system, which mean, another antivirus MUST
  • Spy Killer 4.0

    Spy killer is a revolutionary new spyware detection and removal application that offers around the clock protection to home and corporate users. Spy killer offers maximum strength security and protects your home or
  • Xavier PopUp Killer 2.54

    Xavier's Popup killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute
  • PAL Popup Killer and Ad Blobker 1.0

    Get PAL Popup killer and Ad Blocker and put an end to those annoying Internet pop-ups ads! PAL Popup killer and Ad Blocker is a smart popup killer for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla. It's smart engine blocks
  • AntiVirus Creator Pro 1.4

    antivirus Creator Pro is a simple application for creating antivirus within less than 1 minute. This program provides a simple design to create an antivirus. It provides auto copy and picture header features. In
  • AV Defs Updater for F-PROT for DOS 2.8

    Automatically provides updates to the classic F-PROT for DOS antivirus program and notifies about it. The F-PROT updater has other extras and features:*Update of the antivirus definitions with user-customizable update
  • Killer Sudoku or Sum Sudoku 0.1

    killer sudoku / sum sudku is a Japanese puzzle game that you can play in your windows computers. It includes 30 free killer sudoku puzzles. This game is mixture of kakuro and sudoku. The killer sudoku puzzles are more
  • Monster Killer 1.0

    This game is coded by Sclek!, but the graphics are made by Id Software Inc. for the latest version of Monster killer go to
  • Privacy Killer 1.1

    Privacy killer cleans and protects your privacy by removing unused files from your computer and freeing up valuable hard disk space, allowing Windows to run faster. Privacy killer also cleans traces left by your
  • Panda Antivirus Titanium 2.04.04

    Panda antivirus Titanium is the latest generation of antivirus software. Its innovative technology and ease of use make it the most powerful antivirus on the market. Panda antivirus Titanium features a new UltraFast sc
  • Zillya! Antivirus Definition Updates [2012

    Definition bases for Zillya! antivirus and Internet Security. Definition bases for Zillya! antivirus and Internet Security. This package provides antivirus definition bases for Zillya! antivirus and Internet
  • Antivirus ISRemoval Tool 1.0

    antivirus IS Removal Tool will neutralize and remove all antivirus IS entries running on a scanned system. It will also make sure that malicious processes are no longer running and that they won't return when you reboot
  • Killer Snakes Screensaver 1

    killer snakes screensaver- wildest photos. killer snakes screensaver is the meanest nature screensaver ever made. A collection of world's most dangerous reptiles' screensaver will freeze your blood. Rattlesnakes,
  • Falco Round Killer 1.0

    Falco Round killer - We are pleased to introduce the demo version of our latest game "Round killer". An unusually talented fighter, Gingerbread will be under your control. He has special powers, necessary to carry out
  • The Killer Snake 3D Screensaver 4.0

    The free killer Snake 3D Animated Screensaver by Scenic Reflections let's you stare a snake in the eyes. Be careful not to let the killer snake hypnotize you with its sinuous moves. Its dance is so enchanting that
  • AVGAntivirus 2011 Removal Tool 1.0

    With this program you can find and fully remove AVG antivirus 2011 and all problems associated with AVG antivirus 2011 virus. Fast, easy, and handy, this removal tool protects your computer against AVG antivirus 2011
  • Trustport Antivirus 2009

    Trustport antivirus 2009 offers you a convenient anti-virus tool which helps protect your computer. TrustPort antivirus is a modern antivirus program designed for the protection of Windows work stations, which
  • CyberScrub AntiVirus Lifetime Edition 1.0

    To get yourself protected from dangerous threats viruses and other malwares CyberScrub antivirus is easy to use security software to deal with these problems. It removes viruses from ZIP archives. It allows streamlined
  • USB-AV Antivirus 2012

    USB AV antivirus Free is slim, stylish antivirus software that quickly scans any USB drive you connect. Though some antivirus software has this feature, many don't. That makes this program incredibly useful. USB AV